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Welcome to Red Panda 

Asian Street Food 

Fresh, tasty & healthy to takeaway 

Shinto Path

Our Food

Street Food made healthier

At Red Panda, we aim to give you Southeast Asia’s favourite street food without the unhealthy fat and cholesterol. Our food is prepared fresh daily, using mostly local produce while in season to ensure you have the freshest food packed with nutrients with minimal environmental impact. We do this without compromising on authenticity, delivering big tasty Asian flavours.

Our menu has a selection of Taiwanese Bao, Rice & Salad and Super Salad boxes with a choice of aromatic pork belly, Malaysian satay chicken, Japanese teriyaki tofu or Szechuan spicy tofu. Our trio of salads come with each rice or salad box. Why 3 salads? Because your mother is right, vegetables are good for you. Your gut will love our fermented vegetables like carrot-radish pickle and kimchi, as well as the refreshing local kombucha drink.

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