How it works (in this covid world)

We only take pre-booking for takeaway through our online click-and-collect system.


Friday & Saturday 11:30-2:30


When you order, choose your items, select a time slot for collection, and pay. Make sure you select the sprinkles like peanuts, chilli and coriander if you want these.

minimum order of £7.25 applies.


About Us

We started our shops because we loved homestyle (family recipes) cooking for friends, and that's how we see our customers - people we share our food with. Using local ingredients for Asian dishes fed into our desire to have a sustainable business and we've tried to stay true to that. 

Although our culinary roots are largely South-East Asian and Chinese, our own favourite go-to food is Korean and Japanese hence a fair bit of influence from those northern neighbours.

Homestyle food - not fancy, just tasty.

OUR Food

Lunch Takeaway

Bao, Rice & Salad boxes and Super Salad boxes made with a choice of classic aromatic pork, satay chicken, teriyaki or a spicy tofu alongside a selection of 3 Asian salads, pickles and optional kimchi. Topped with coriander, peanuts and crispy chilli.

Evening Takeaway

Each Friday and Saturday (Lyme Regis only) we will be cooking favourite dishes from East and Southeast Asia, each with a vegan and meat/seafood version. 

All dishes will come with a selection of salads, fermented vegetables, and various toppings.